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Having covered politics, criminal justice, and business for decades, the team at Media Advisory Experts can offer C-suite executives, leaders in law enforcement, and local to multi-national corporations bespoke media coaching services, strategic consulting, crisis communications, news industry insight, and message delelopment services to prepare them for an always-on media ecosystem that demands lightning, accurate response and accountability—while also ensuring their vital context breaks through the noise and resonates with their target audience.

Earned Media


Our team has experience generating earned media coverage, both for an individual and for business. While some other firms believe blasting a news release to a hundred media outlets will do the trick, we know that isn’t an effective ROI. Instead, we’ve:

  • Created a proven method to craft your message and story pitch to grab the right attention and stand out
  • Built an agility to capitalize on an evolving media environment
  • Developed tools to ensure media placement
  • Designed a database of media contacts to ensure the target audience hears your message

Crisis Communications

Using our decades of media experience, vast network of contacts, and innovative Red Team, Media Advisory Experts can help prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow’s media storm – or respond in an instant when it lands at your doorstep. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can’t head off adverse publicity. But often, clients can get in front of the headline, crafting a message that limits reputational damage and business impact. The key is speed. Don’t wait to prepare your business or brand; contact us today.


News Industry Insight


With new digital media brands created all the time and legacy properties reinventing themselves or fading, Media Advisory Experts can provide key context into the current media landscape – and insight into what it will look like in the quarters ahead. With information and knowledge comes an ability to adapt, to mold your message for maximum effect and impact. Use our knowledge of the news industry to position your brand for success.


The experts at Media Advisory Experts can advise you on a multi-media strategy to generate broad exposure for your message, brand, or crisis response. With innovative techniques and a shrewd understanding of the evolving digital media landscape, our team can expertly position you for success across platforms, no matter where your audience consumes their media.


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