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Corporate Videos

Media Advisory Experts can harness decades of experience across the United States to conceptualize, storyboard, shoot, edit and deliver professional videos for corporate clients of any size and budget, from small firms to Fortune 500 brands.

We can produce:

  • Internal marketing, training, and inspirational videos
  • Videos for an external audience, including proof-of-performance, customer messaging, and crisis response
  • Videos to be utilized in investor communications
    and pitch decks
  • Product announcements
  • Digital video campaigns
  • Aspirational videos

Trust these critical business video needs to the team at

Media Advisory Experts.

When contacting us, please indicate your level of urgency so that we may best meet your needs.

Media Advisory Experts can produce videos for early litigation or pre-filing purposes, case settlement, trials, and other steps of the legal process. Day-in-the-life videos and settlement documentaries can be powerful tools to accurately convey how clients, plaintiffs and defendants have been impacted by traumatic, life-changing events.

Firm founder Mark Albert is a Peabody Award-winning former on-air CBS News network correspondent, who has covered cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and been honored with the Wade H. McCree ‘Award for Excellence in Legal Journalism and the Advancement of Justice’ from the State Bar of Michigan. He’s covered legal issues and frequently used PACER, CMF/ECF as a member of the media for more than 20 years. So Media Advisory Experts knows the vast scope of cases where compelling, emotional storytelling videos can resonate for litigants across the legal landscape.

When contacting us, please indicate the status of your client’s case so that we may best meet your needs on an expedited basis, if needed.

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